Industrial Development Agency

What is the IDA?

Industrial Development Agency

IAED administers the Tompkins County Industrial Development Agency (TCIDA), which delivers economic incentives to businesses that diversify and strengthen the tax base and also enhance community vitality. The TCIDA is a local public authority that has the ability to provide:

  • real property tax incentives
  • state and local sales tax abatements
  • mortgage tax abatements
  • bond financing

The TCIDA primarily serves:

  • Industrial development (manufacturing, software, technology, research and development, testing, and agribusiness)
  • Mixed use, multi-story development in the City of Ithaca’s Downtown Density District and the Lansing Town Center
  • Renewable energy projects

Since 1983, TCIDA incentives have supported 149 projects, representing $1.57 billion of investment in the construction and renovation of over 7.4 million square feet of facilities.

Visit the TCIDA website for more information.

Contact IAED at to learn more about how we can assist you or determine whether your project qualifies for an incentive from the TCIDA.

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