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Programs & Initiatives

IAED is the leader in economic development. Through strategic planning, programs, and initiatives, we’re building the foundation for your business and success in Ithaca and Tompkins County.

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Mapping systems to guide planned growth

Tompkins County Economic Recovery Strategy

When the Covid-19 pandemic arrived in Ithaca, IAED and its partners were ready. The group tapped its already robust network of working groups and community connections to mobilize resources and stabilize at-risk businesses. The group also identified key actions to rehab, rebuild and grow the economy. Their work, summarized in the Tompkins County Economic Recovery Strategy, is as much recapping a record year as it is looking forward and into the future.

Mapping systems to guide planned growth

2020 Water and
Sewer Update

IAED is coordinating the 2020 Update, which modernizes its 2010 predecessor by mapping progress toward system improvements. It also includes a forward-looking “facility plan” that municipalities can use to bridge capacity gaps, resolve governance issues, and facilitate infrastructure planning. The 2020 Update is not just a snapshot, it’s a blueprint for improving redundancy and reliability.

Gameplan for success

Economic Development Strategy

In 2015, IAED engaged stakeholders to create a five-year economic development strategy for Tompkins County. In 2019, IAED updated the plan, resulting in the Economic Development (ED) Strategy 2.0.

The world at your fingertips


Internet connectivity is more important than ever. IAED is leading regional and countywide efforts aimed at improving connectivity and enabling remote work, learning, and healthcare. IAED is also delivering dark fiber infrastructure to support a high-speed data center and surrounding communities. Whatever you do and wherever you do it, we’ve got you connected!


Giving Visitors Something to Write Home About

Tompkins County Tourism Capital Grants Program

IAED administers the TCG program, which supports investments in visitor-generating projects such as theaters, museums, and other cultural and recreational attractions. All help keep Ithaca and Tompkins County “the” place to visit! There are 23 active TCG projects, including:

  • Friends of Stewart Park – Picnic Pavilion Revitalization
  • Ithaca Farmers Market – Pavilion Feasibility Study
  • Finger Lakes Land Trust – Lick Brook Preserves
  • Sciencenter – Amphitheatre Renovations
  • State Theatre – Accessibility Improvements

Don’t take our word for it: come see for yourself! And tell a friend.

Beyond our borders

Finger Lakes Regional Prosperity Network

Finger Lakes Regional Prosperity Network is a nonprofit arm of IAED, created to extend the impact of our economic development across the Finger Lakes region. It allows us to develop strategic partnerships and deliver funding to isolated, often rural communities. One example is the Food Business Incubator Program (FoodBIP), a one-stop shop for food and drink entrepreneurs and the growers they rely on. Yet another way IAED is creating wealth that stays local and improves the lives and livelihoods that make our region unique.