Transform Tompkins


”Cornell University could not have a better strategic partner than TCAD. Cornell’s future success is closely tied to a dynamic and prosperous Tompkins County and no one does more to ensure the community’s success than TCAD.”

Mary Opperman | VP Human Resources & Safety Services | Cornell University

Transform Tompkins

Since our founding 51 years ago, TCAD was supported by a balanced revenue model, comprised of the Tompkins County Legislature, fee-based income and investment from local employers, each providing 1/3rd of TCAD’s revenue requirements.

In recent years, TCAD recognized their over reliance on fee-based income would not be sustainable. The TCAD Board of Directors decided the organization needed to return to the more balanced revenue model, which was the foundation of their success.

After a long thoughtful discussion, the County Legislature voted unanimously to financially support the required 1/3rd of the model for a five-year period from 2014 – 2018.

TCAD’s review of current and projected deal flow resulted in a confident projection that fee-based income could cover another 1/3rd of the same five-year period.

With 2/3rds of TCAD’s long-term revenue in place, TCAD hired a consultant to study the feasibility of raising the final 1/3rd. The results of the study were overwhelmingly positive, indicating an extraordinary level of confidence from the community stakeholders in TCAD’s Board, staff and vision. The campaign, entitled Transform Tompkins, was launched in February of 2014.

TCAD is continually looking for new opportunities to strengthen the local economy. With innovative initiatives, TCAD supports the community by fostering the growth of businesses and creating quality jobs.

TCAD would like to give a special Thank You to the campaign Co-Chiars:

Greg Galvin, CEO & Chairman, Rheonix
Greg Hartz, President & CEO, Tompkins Trust Company
Mary Opperman, VP for Human Resources & Safety Services, Cornell University
Andrew Sciarabba, Managing Partner, South Hill Business Campus


Transform Tompkins Aims To….