Local Companies to Produce Lithium Ion Batteries, Create 230+ Jobs

Governor Cuomo recently announced a new lithium ion battery factory is coming to the Southern Tier and two Tompkins County based companies, C&D Assembly and Primet Precision Materials are involved in the project.  C&D Assembly and Primet, along with one of the first 76West Clean Energy Competition winners, C4V, and other companies formed a consortium called Imperium3 New York, Inc. The consortium will produce more efficient and less expensive lithium ion batteries. Production will be based out of Endicott, NY and the consortium will invest more than $130 million and create 230+ jobs.


Jeff Cronk, CEO of C&D Assembly, said, “My company has always been about the local content, local skill and all markets.  We have been supplying electronics parts, components and end products to global market for last 25 years and actively looking for new projects that govern the future of the human race. Our knowledge base and deep understating of product quality control would give the New York consortium a significant edge in the market and I am very excited to be part of this consortium.” 


Robert Dobbs, President of Primet Precision Materials, “Our demonstrated ability to reduce the capital investment as well as operational expenses would allow this consortium to build batteries that are not only high performing but also very economical versus batteries from Asia.”


Click here for the announcement of the new project.

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