ACCRA Cost of LIving Index The most reliable source of city to city comparisons of key consumer costs available anywhere. COLI data is recognized by the US Census Bureau, US Bureau of Labor Statistics and the President’s Council of Economic Advisors.

Alternative Federal Credit Union (AFCU) Living Wage Report Tompkins County 2011 Living Wage Data.

Cornell Institutional Research & Planning (IRP) Facts and statistics about Cornell University, including: enrollment, degrees conferred, diversity, etc.

Cornell Program on Applied Demographics (PAD) Brings skills in demographics, economics, statistics, data gathering and data analysis together to provide a variety of organizations with data, information and advice.

County Business Patterns Data provided by the US Census Bureau on total number of establishments, mid-March employment, first quarter and annual payroll and number of establishments by nine employment size classes, detailed by industry.

Ithaca College Institutional Research (IR) Facts and statistics about Ithaca College, including: enrollment, degrees conferred, diversity, etc.