Economic Strategy

The Economic Development Strategy is developed and implemented by TCAD; it plays an integral part of the Tompkins County Comprehensive Plan. The strategic planning effort engages insights from government, area non-profits and business leaders. The ED Strategy evaluates the County’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities; articulates values to guide the work of economic development; identifies overarching goals for economic development and formulates strategies to achieve those goals.

The ED Strategy provides a framework to address community goals in a proactive and coordinated manner. The effective strategic planning ensures that priority issues are addressed and limited resources are well targeted.

For more information on the County’s Comprehensive Plan, please visit the Tompkins County¬†website.


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2015 ED Strategy

Goal A: Strategically invest in community infrastructure and district development to attract private investment

Goal B: Develop a labor market where the aspirations and qualifications of the workforce are aligned with employment opportunities

Goal C: Strengthen, expand and diversify key sectors to foster job creation

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