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Sometimes, its all about who you know 

Ithaca and Tompkins County are flush with resources designed to get you going, growing, or gain valuable skills for your next chapter. Browse the links below to find mission-critical information like potential partners, investors, networking opportunities, and so much more! 


Get to know the movers and shakers, the players, the people that get things done. Or let IAED make an introduction that gets you plugged in and on your way.

Business CENTS' Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk is an educational networking business circle, a part of Alternatives Federal Credit Union’s Business CENTS program.

Downtown Ithaca Alliance (DIA)

DIA helps those located in, or interested in, Downtown Ithaca, connect to available resources.

REV: Ithaca Startup Works

REV is not just a business incubator, offers information sessions and networking events. See events calendar.

Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce

The Tompkins Chamber provides networking opportunities such as Business After Hours and Networking at Noon. See events calendar.

Tech Commercialization

You need help making your good or service commercially viable. Fortunately, the Ithaca area has a support system that will help you grow and get your product out the door.

Cornell Center for Materials Research (CCMR)

The CCMR supports cutting-edge materials research and access to materials experts at Cornell. The JumpStart Program helps small businesses solve identifiable problems related to materials.


KensaGroup is a private equity company, commercializing cutting-edge platform discoveries from universities and corporate research labs in the framework of startup ventures.

The McGovern Center for Life Sciences

The McGovern Center is a Cornell-based incubator accelerating research and development of its client companies’ technology and products, validating business plans and strengthening management teams. Note: client companies do not have to originate from within Cornell.

The Praxis Center

The Praxis Center is a digital incubator at Cornell working to foster the development of early-stage Cornell engineering, digital, and physical science startups.

REV: Ithaca Startup Works

REV is a business incubator and workspace in Ithaca offering mentorship, workspace, and startup resources for any new or growing business that create jobs in the community.


You might be new, but you’re not alone. Workers that are joining, reentering, or transitioning have access to an array of resources intended to get you in the door and on the floor.

Tompkins Workforce NY One Stop Center

Tompkins Workforce NY One Stop Center provides employment-related services for businesses, workers, and jobseekers in Tompkins County.

Partner Agencies

Check out the host of workforce development Partners that provide training, resources, and additional support systems.