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Top Industries in the Ithaca Area

These 10 Industries
Drive Our Economy

Like many successful communities, “Eds and Meds” are the predominant industries in Ithaca and Tompkins County. Academic institutions, including Cornell University and Ithaca College, and Cayuga Medical Center are not only industry leaders, but major area employers. Their steadiness and stability are the cornerstone of our economy. High-tech and manufacturing are key traded sectors, whereas retail, food service and hospitality are important local sectors, fed by a robust tourism industry.


Industry Spotlight: Manufacturing

Manufacturing is right at home here, contributing roughly 10% of our employment, wages, and GDP. BorgWarner is our largest, one of approximately 90 makers across many sectors, including auto and air, food and beverage, high-tech and electronics, and just about every other widget you can imagine. Here, they find the right mix of creativity, quality workers, and community support. And IAED is helping keep their pipelines primed and pumping through an employer-led, entry-level training program, making sure our manufacturers have what they need to keep their machines moving and making money.

Where We Work

Top 15 Employers

Our Top 15 employers are home to two-fifths of our workforce. Nearly half of them deliver top-tier secondary, post-secondary, and vocational education, after which graduates stay local to refresh and reenergize other top industries and occupations.

List updated 2021

Get Paid to Do
What You Do

Our Top 10 occupations, arranged by salary, span our leading industries and employers. If you’ve got the goods, you’ll be great here. Mix and match your skillset to make it work, and earn a living wage while doing it!

  • 1. Management ($129,000)
  • 2. Educational Instruction & Library ($84,100)
  • 3. Healthcare Practitioners ($82,000)
  • 4. Business & Financial Operations ($72,300)
  • 5. Office & Administrative Support ($45,500)
  • 6. Production ($44,800)
  • 7. Sales ($40,800)
  • 8. Healthcare Support ($36,700)
  • 9. Transportation & Material Moving ($36,200)
  • 10. Food Preparation & Serving ($31,800)

How We Stack Up

Consistently Low Unemployment

Ithaca and Tompkins County constantly outperform federal, state, and regional averages. We weather good times and bad, always a step ahead. And you can take that to the bank.

Hot Jobs and Prospects

In 2020, these occupations had the highest annual increase in online ads. They not only outperformed their groups, they kept Ithaca and Tompkins County churning through a most unusual year. IAED watches trends in ads posted and closed to see who’s hiring, for what and when. We also track a whole lot more, making sure we stay nimble and meet the needs of our employers and economy.

  • Material Moving Workers (213%)
  • Food Prep and Service (200%)
  • Financial Specialists (150%)
  • Engineers (148%)
  • Health Technologists and Technicians (73%)

Working to Live, Living to Work

Live in Ithaca

The idea behind Live in Ithaca is to recruit, retain, and engage a talented and diverse workforce by connecting you to committed local employers and quality career opportunities. Find links to job postings across all industries and localities within Tompkins County. Read stories about locals who reside or returned here to work, and from newcomers and incomers who found that work isn’t hard when it makes you happy.